A while ago I blogged about one of the awesome powers of Drupal 7 - the ability to be database agnostic. The ability to migrate from one database server to another. A shift from one software product to another. Now while that isn't all that newer feature. Till now its been incredibily difficult to do. Till Drupal 7. 


Last week, I recieved an email asking me about how to migrate a SQLite database to MySQL. While i did try help remotely, I realised it would be much easier to write an open source script to do all the work. And considering the amount of conversation this particular conversation got at Drupalcon Chicago, I decided it was worth even making it into a module with a drush backend ability.


So thats what I did. DBTNG Migrator is the product of a nights works. A simple enough module that will allow you to migrate your SQLite database to MySQL or PostgreSQL or any other combination. It supports any DBTNG driver, so technically, you could also migrate to MSSQL, Oracle or even MongoDB, though they haven't been tested (and at the time of writting this post, the module uses a single SQL COUNT() query making MongoDB not possible).


So give it a whirl, give it some feedback, log an issue. Its there for you to use. Enjoy.