It may have taken me a whole day to wrap my head around the features API and how it applied to the workflow module but I finally got there. Today I wrote features support to the workflow module. At DrupalSouth I gave a talk about features in Drupal and about exporting your configuration into code so that you can maintain it with version control and make configuration deployable. I see features as the exportable future of Drupal, I wouldn't be suprised to see features introduced into core drupal Drupal 8. 

The workflow module is a great module for controlling who and how a node progresses through a series of states. However, updating its configuration was a big hassle and for some projects, the configuration was a big deal.

Now, I am blogging early about this. My patch hasn't made its way to the workflow code base yet let alone a release of workflow but if you're a keen developer who wouldn't mind getting your hands on and maybe filing some bugs with my patch (or fixes!) then you can get my patch here - just be sure to follow the instructions.