After a long while with no blog entries or reviews, I'm back with a new look gearing PostgreSQL support for Drupal up for the upcoming release of the long awaited Drupal 7. 

With Drupal 7 close in reach, its more important than ever to make sure PostgreSQL support is ready to go. The problem thus far has been, its been just too hard to keep Drupal core up to 100% pass rate with PostgreSQL simply because, patches are getting committed without passing on PostgreSQL first. Why is that? because PostgreSQL doesn't have a server/bot testing patches.

So thats what we're about to try and change. Here at Catalyst IT, we use Drupal and we use it with PostgreSQL. Quite successfully. We want this combination to continue and want to help the Drupal community out with PostgreSQL support. We already have most of our Drupal staff on and freenode filing and reviews patches as well as helping out on #drupal* whenever we can.

Now we're about to attempt to put out a test bot for that with help in the war against detecting patches that will break HEAD on PostgreSQL. This test bot will run in a pool of other test slaves that test every single patch that gets submitted again drupal HEAD in CVS (going to git soon yay!).

This has been attempted in the past but hasn't rocketed off just yet.

So here's to a kicking of the blog again and to PostgreSQL support in Drupal!