Josh Waihi

Working with extra fields in Drupal 7

Entities in Drupal 7 are really powerful. Predominantly because of the Fields module that can dynamically implement properties onto an Entity bundle through the Fields UI. This makes the Fields and Fields UI modules the key modules for driver content view and edit pages.

Drupal 7 Finally Released

Drupal 7 is Officially released. After 2.5 years of community work, the much perfected Drupal 7 has been released in all its glory. Its features include a test driven code base with a built in test suite, a sparkling new object orientated database layer that supports not just MySQL and PostgreSQL but SQLite also, improved caching and theming layer, file streamers, a major overhaul of the user interface to make Drupal more intuitive for end users.

Extending Workflow module in Drupal with Features support